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Home Новости Обновления по рыбалке на 14/05/2014

Обновления по рыбалке на 14/05/2014

Сегодня отчет от 14 мая.

Sea-Run Fly & Tackle May 14 Fishing Update

Interior Lakes

We are getting into interior lake season now with a good majority of lakes now ice free and fishing well. It is tough to go wrong with chironomids and leeches this time of year, and those will be some of your main go-to's. As we get into the end of May and early June we will see more hatches with the warmer weather, which should increase fish productivity, and in turn, better fishing!

Some noteable lakes to fish:

  • Jacko Lake
  • 6 Mile Lake
  • Tunkwa Lake
  • Leighton Lake
  • Morgan Lake
  • Marquart Lake
  • Mamit Lake
  • Courtenay Lake
  • Lundbom Lake

Local Lakes

The Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley local lake trout fishery offers a wide range of opportunities for the new angler or expert alike. Most of our local lakes are stocked by the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery (GoFishBC) with catchable size Rainbow Trout, averaging between 10 & 14 inches in size, with the occasional brood stocked fish in the 3-6lb range being stocked in some of the lakes later in the season. This fishery is the best to utilize in the months of May & June while the water maintains its cooler temperatures while slowly rising as we get into warmer days. Anglers can target these fish with a wide variety of techniques such as conventional gear fishing and fly fishing.

Techniques that best suit this fishery include:

  • Bottom fishing (Carolina rig) with (Berkley Powerbait)
  • Bobber Fishing with (Krill, Worms, and Berkley Powerbait Leeches)
  • Spin Fishing with (Gibbs Croc Spoons 3/16oz, Panther Martin spinners, and Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners (#0-#2)
  • Fly Fishing with (Leech Patterns, Nymphs, and Chironomids)

Here are some local lakes in the Lower Mainland / Greater Vancouver Area to try:

  • Como Lake (Coquitlam)
  • Lafarge Lake (Coquitlam)
  • Buntzen Lake (Port Moody/Anmore)
  • Sasamat Lake (Port Moody/Anmore)
  • Rice Lake (North Vancouver)
  • Green Timbers Lake (Surrey)


Sturgeon fishing can remain good through May, although you will be dealing with one tough factor: High and rising water. Sturgeon fishing in most areas can be extremely difficult and dangerous in some sections of the river this time of year due to the Fraser being in freshet mode. This means the average water levels are continuously rising most days, putting a lot of debris and colour into the water. For best success, try fishing further down stream of the Mission bridge, or make sure you tuck yourself away from the main flow. We will see sturgeon fishing become more desirable around the middle of June when the river levels start to recede again.

General Sturgeon Set-Up includes: Heavy Duty Rod (7-8ft in length), Heavy Duty Lever Drag Reel ie. (Shimano TLD20, Penn Squall, Avet LX/HX Series, Shimano Talica 16 etc.), Wedge Weight 10-24oz, Large Plastic Beads, Weight Line Slider or Swivel w/ Coast Lock Snap, Large Barrel Swivel, 60-80lb Monofilament or Nylon Sturgeon Leader, 7/0 – 10/0 Barbless Hook.

Baits to use during the Spring:

  • Eulachons
  • Lamprey
  • Dew Worms
  • Salmon Roe

***We currently have a good stock of Lamprey and Eulachons and other baits as well here at the shop.***


May is still a good month to fish for Cutthroat in some areas, although you may have noticed some of your favourite rivers are either closed, or running high due to the freshet. There are still Cutthroat to be had in some areas such as the Stave and Harrison Rivers. If you have a boat for either river, you already have an advantage. With higher water levels, shore access is very minimal in these places, and the fish can be hunted down a lot easier.

Cutthroat Trout commonly frequent rivers such as the:

- Stave River (Fishable)
- Harrison River (HIGH, but fishable - boat access only)
- Fraser River (Unfishable, blown out)

What to use:

Fly Fishing: A wide variety of Minnow/Fry Patterns (Epoxy Minnow, Tied-Down Minnow, Rolled Muddler, Gummy Minnow etc.). It is very critical to match the correct size and colour of fry you want to imitate).

Casting: Small spinners & spoons such as Blue Fox Vibrax #0-#2, Gibbs Croc 3/16oz Silver.

Bull Trout

The Bull Trout fishery in the area is very underrated to say the least. These fish can be caught in just about every river system in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and the only trick is finding them. River systems in the area can have residing Bull Trout(otherwise known as "Resident" fish), and Sea-Run Bull Trout. These char can be caught any time of the year, and their diet will vary depending on the current food sources. A lot of time they like to attack anything that will fit in their mouth. Both methods of fly fishing and conventional lure or drift fishing will catch these fish.

What to use:

Fly Fishing: A wide variety or Minnow / Fry Patterns (Epoxy Minnow, Tied-Down Minnow, Rolled Muddler, Gummy Minnow etc.), Sculpin / Baitfish Patterns (Olive Pick ‘yer Pocket, Olive Mole Leech, Olive Sparkle Sculpin, Gummy Minnow, Clouser Minnow).

Casting: Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners #2-#4, Gibbs Croc Spoons 3/16oz – 1/4oz, R&B Lure Co. 2/5oz Spoons.

Local Saltwater

Fishing for chinook in the saltwater has been very good over the past week and should continue to be solid for the remainder of the month. You will see the best fishing towards the Thrasher Rock area over the course of the next 30 days. Depending where you are in the area, you will want to be fishing between 70 and 180 feet of depth. Tides play a very critical role over there so make sure you match the tides.

Baits/Lures to use for Chinook:

  • Spoons: Coyote Spoons 3.0-4.0 (Glo Green, Wonderbread, Glo Army Truck), Goldstar Kingfisher (UV Purple Haze, Cookies-N-Cream, Irish Cream)
  • Hootchies: Chartreuse/White Double Glow, White Glow, Army Truck (With Delta Lazer Mylar Insert)
  • Anchovies
  • Flashers: Green Onion, Green Glow, Purple Haze, Gremlin


The Vedder River below the Vedder Crossing bridge remains open for the month of May for a FLY ONLY fishery. The river remains fishable, but most likely not for long.

What to use:

Fly Fishing: A wide variety or Minnow / Fry Patterns (Epoxy Minnow, Tied-Down Minnow, Rolled Muddler, Gummy Minnow etc., Intruder Patterns (Black, Pink, Purple, Blue).

Fly of the Week

UV Blue Ray Chironomid

This fly was developed for deep water chironomid fishing, as well as fishing on sunny days. The UV reflection given off of this fly is deadly, and even deadlier on interior lakes...http://www.sea-run.com/fly-of-the-week-uv-blue-ray-chironomid/.

Weekly Sale Item

This week get 20% off any of our Rio or Scientific Anglers fly lines. Limited quantities available.

Floating Fly Lines (only 3)
Sinking Fly Lines (only 3)

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Upcoming Fishing Classes

We've got a bunch of a classes coming up. Click here to check out the course schedule.

Fundamental Fly Tying 4 Week Course with Dennis Gamboa

Fundamental Fly Tying with instructor Dennis Gamboa. In this 4 week introductory course, students will learn the essential skills to become a confident fly tyer. Dennis has been teaching professional fly tying classes for over 10 years. From tiny trout flies to large epoxy saltwater patterns, Dennis is a true master of the art of fly tying...Read More

Instructor: Dennis Gamboa
June 1, June 8, June 15, June 29
Price: $89.98 + GST (limit 10 students)

Reserve your spot in the 4 Week Fundamental Fly Tying class with instructor Dennis Gamboa by calling 604-931-5044 or email us at Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript .

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